[NEWS] Celebrities show their Korean pride for the March 1st Movement

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Many Korean celebrities have changed their profile pictures to pictures of the Taegukgi, the Korean flag, in honor of the March 1st Movement.
On March 1, Se7en wrote the South Korean pledge of allegiance to the flag on his personal twitter, “Before this proud Taegeukgi, I firmly pledge my loyalty and will devote my body and soul to the eternal glory of my country and people.
Jung Jun Ha also wrote on his twitter, “March 1! It’s the March 1st Movement. I hope this will be a thoughtful day where everyone will look back at our pain filled history. Even just for today, how would you, twitter friends, feel about changing your display picture to the Taegukgi? Foreigners will probably think what’s going on here?!
Many other celebrities such as Simon DFT Island‘s Lee Hong KiT-Ara‘s HyominB2ST‘s Yang Yo Seob, and 9Muses‘ Eunji have all changed their twitter display pictures to the Taegukgi.
Netizens responded to celebrities changing their pictures saying, “I’m going to change my display picture to the Taegukgi too“, “I just changed mine to the Taegukgi“, and “Everyone change your display picture for the March 1st Movement.
The March 1st Movement was one of the earliest display of Korean resistance to the occupation of the Japanese Empire and many Koreans lost their lives to the Japanese as they protested for Korea’s freedom.
Image: TV Daily via Nate

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