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For months, the KBS New York Korea Festival has been dominating headlines: on top of two full days of food and activities, KBS promised to present a K-Pop concert with an A-list lineup includingTVXQ2PMSHINee4minuteKim Tae Woo, B2STG.NA and SISTAR as well as legendary singers like Insooni and Jang Sa Ik – all for free! While a concert of such substantial proportions seems too good to be true, KBS did indeed deliver a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for attendees on October 8th and 9th.
With attendees coming in from the Tri-State area, Pennsylvania, Florida and even from Peru, the KBS New York Korea Festival was solid evidence of the widespread influence of the Hallyu Wave.
A bustling weekend of rich foods and cultural festivities certainly brought its high points, but the one event everyone was waiting for finally kicked off at dusk. As twilight settled in, the stage lights burst to life, and the opening act made their way onto the stage.
Shrieks and catcalls were heard as ’70s disco group Village People performed their classic hit, “Macho Man“. They brought a sense of fun to the festival, but were superseded by 4minuteG.NA andSISTAR, who converged onto the stage in short black outfits to deliver a hot cover of Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies“.
The screams got louder as SHINee‘s Minho and Hwang Soo Kyung walked onstage together to introduce themselves as the hosts of the evening. Dressed in a gorgeous silver halter gown that twinkled in the bright light, Hwang Soo Hyung beamed as Minho greeted the audience and thanked everyone for attending.
To the delight of the Shawols in the audience, the remaining four members of SHINee (who were closely matched in black leather outfits) then joined Minho on stage as the familiar intro beats of “Ring Ding Dong” blasted through the speakers. Afterwards, they gave the screaming audience a spirited greeting. “It’s our first time performing in New York, so we’re really excited,” one member exclaimed. “Stay tuned as we’d like to have more performances here in the future!” They then wrapped up their act with “Lucifer“, and the crowd got to enjoy liberal amounts of ad-libs by leader Onew during the climax.
Following SHINee, 4minute continued with a high energy performance of “Mirror Mirror” and “Hot Issue“. While SHINee had the ladies going crazy, it’s safe to say this female quintet brought out the eye candy for the guys. Dressed in black blazers and shorts with metallic accessories, the five girls showed off a sexy, yet corporate-chic look for a hyped two-track performance that ended all too soon.
When Minho and Hwang Soo Kyung returned to the MC podium after their performance, the male idol decided to check out what his international fanbase was like. “So…. Where are you from? Do we have any SHINee fans here?” Minho curiously asked, and was promptly answered with another spasm of enthusiastic screams from the female members in the audience.
After back-to-back idol performances, rock vocalist Maya strode to the stage to perform her iconic track “Azalea” with a full orchestra playing behind her. Thanks to her husky voice and thick vibrato, Maya completely owned the performance, adding a rich lustre to the music festival that night.
Next up was B2ST, dressed in black and white with dashes of red. Although member Kikwang was missing (reportedly due to scheduling conflicts), the five members performed “Fiction” and “Beautiful“. ”Wassup New York!!” the five members greeted in unison, followed by Hyunseung‘s amusing exclamation, “Are you enjoy?!” Dongwoon continued by expressing the group’s gratitude to be performing in New York over the weekend. As the camera panned over the audience, the large number of B2ST signs bobbing in the crowd made it clear how many attendees had come out specifically to see this particular group.

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Last year, the ‘2010 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA)’ was held at Macau, and this year, Mnet will be hosting the event in Singapore!
According to a majority of industry officials, the ’2011 MAMA’ will be held at the Indoor Stadium in Singapore on November 29th. Now that fans know the ‘when’, they’re curious about the ‘who’ — focus is now being put on whether or not SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment will be bringing their artists to the ceremony.
SM Entertainment has had a long standing conflict with Mnet, which was recently resolved this year. YG Entertainment, on the other hand, are undergoing several issues with their artists, making it highly likely that they’ll be sitting out this year.
Last year, the MAMA spent $4 million USD by holding their ceremony at the Cotai Arena and earned hot attention for being the first Korean awards ceremony to take place overseas. The event was broadcast in 16 different networks across Asia. As such, anticipation is definitely on the rise this year, so stay tuned to allkpop for more updates!
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Boyfriend yang dikenal sebagai salah satu dari beberapa kelompok di K-Pop yang memiliki saudara kembar. Meskipunmudah untuk mengatakan si kembar terpisah oleh gaya rambutmereka, apa yang akan terjadi jika mereka memakai topi? Para anggota memberikan beberapa petunjuk tentang bagaimana membedakan antara Youngmin dan Kwangmin.

Mereka mulai, "Kamu bisa bilang Youngmin dan Kwangminberbeda tanpa bergantung pada gaya rambut mereka sendiri."Hyunsung melanjutkan, "Kwangmin memiliki garis rahang panjang, sementara itu Youngmin lebih lembut dan lebih feminin."

Leader Donghyun menambahkan, "Mereka memiliki kepribadian yang berbeda juga. Youngmin-easygoing dan halus, sedangkanKwangmin itu maskulin. Kwangmin seperti hyung, tapi di ujung hari,Youngmin melangkah sebagai hyung yang nyata ketika ia harus melakukannya. "

Mengingat kembali ke waktu pertama kali melihat mereka,Donghyun menyatakan, "Aku bersama si kembar ketika kami sedang berlatih, tapi aku tidak tahu mereka kembar pada awalnya.Mereka berbeda saat itu warna rambut juga. Ruang latihan kamidibagi menjadi 'A' dan ruang 'B' dan aku ingat betapa terkejut melihat anak yang sama di dua ruangan yang berbeda. Saya pikir saya telah melihat sebuah ilusi. "

Ia melanjutkan, "Aku kadang bertanya-tanya betapa beruntungnyaYoungmin dan Kwangmin tersebut akan dapat saling menceritakansegala hal lainnya. Tidak peduli seberapa dekat kita sebagaianggota, tidaklah mudah untuk menampilkan pemikiran pribadi. "

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Junsu, Nichkhun, Taecyeon
Wooyoung, Junho, Chansung

Looking for love
negai o komete (Every night)
dekirusa (You can make it)
jibun o shinjite.
imakara mukae ni ikunda
Uh Baby dare nimo maketakunainda
Don’t give up! kore ga saigo no koisa
furueru My heart kakeruyo Ride on now
egaita mirai e sokkou
imasugu chokkou mukauyo
Ready go!

Mukauyo Ready go!
Tonight Tonight kanarazu
Lovin’ lovin’ lovin’ you
tsunaida te to te o gyutto
nigiruyo zutto futari wa Get on
So Keep on Keep on chikauyo
Oh yeah yeah yeah
doushiyoumonai youna
surechigai mo arusa
toki ni namida datte afurerumonsa
demo norikoeru tabini
tsuyoku narenda
kimi to tsunagu migite
kiite nandemo I don’t care
muteki ni nareru I’m your man
unmei kanjita face to face
kimo to dokomademo go new days
afuredasu omoi todoke
go ready go! Sou futari no
Ultra Love itsumademo oh!
hajimete kanjita unmei
shinjite kenmei anata e Oneway
Try Try itsudemo
Lovin’ lovin’ lovin’ you
deaeta kiseki wa kitto
unmei motto kagayake Get on
So Keep on Keep on sukitesa
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Love love love Ultra love Oh…
Love lovelove Ultra love
Ultra lover loverlover love!
hanasanai itsumo
sobo ni ite mamoritai
egaita mirai e sokkou
imasugu chokkou
mukauyo Ready go!
Tonight Tonight kanarazu
Lovin’ lovin’ lovin’ you
tsunaida te to te o gyutto
nigiruyo zutto futari wa Get on
So Keep on Keep on
chikauyo Oh yeah yeahyeah

Looking for love
願いを込めて(Every night)
出来るさ (You can make it)
Uh Baby 誰にも負けたくないんだ
Don’t give up! これが最後の恋さ
震えるMy heart 賭けるよRide on now
いますぐ直行 向かうよReady go!
向かうよReady go!
Tonight Tonight 必ず
Lovin’ lovin’ lovin’ you
握るよずっと ふたりは Get on
So Keep on Keep on 誓うよ
Oh yeah yeah yeah
聞いて何でも I don’t care
無敵になれる I’m your man
運命感じたface to face
君とどこまでもgo new days
go ready go! そう ふたりの
Ultra Love いつまでもoh!
信じて懸命 あなたへOneway
Try Try いつでも
Lovin’ lovin’ lovin’ you
運命もっと輝けGet on
So Keep on Keep on 素敵さ
Oh yeah yeah yeah
Love lovelove Ultra love Oh…
Love lovelove Ultra love
Ultra lover loverlover love!
離さない いつも
そばにいて 守りたい
向かうよReady go!
Tonight Tonight 必ず
Lovin’ lovin’ lovin’ you
握るよずっと ふたりは Get on
So Keep on Keep on 誓うよ
Oh yeah yeahyeah
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