[TWITTER UPDATE] Ki Jae Joong (@mjjeje) Update June 30 2012

I want to cry.. There are so many of you waiting for us...waiting for me.. But there are limitations to what I can do..things like time.. I am sorry to everyone..It's a pity how much more tears are needed for me to send everyone the effort that I am putting in now as well as my sadness.

This is not something that can be expressed in a few words nor is it something that can be sent over a few years or a few hours. Time is slowly passing us by. Feelings change, but I'm a selfish person to let everyone experience this same feeling thousands or tens of thousands of times...

The differences between the fear of a person pretending to be strong, and the unreservedness of a person who looks weak. 

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: 울고싶다..
우리를..나를..기다린다는 이들이 이토록많은데 내가 스스로 해줄수있는 한계가..시간이..
모두에게 미안하고..지금 하고있는 노력들이..
지금느끼고있는 슬픔이 모두에게 전해지기에 얼마나 더한 눈물을 필요로할지 안타깝다..

: 단지 말몇마디로 표현할수있는게 아닌데
단지 몇년몇시간으로 전해줄수있는것이아닌데
세월은 점점 흘러가고..감정은 변해가는데 
수만번 수천번 느끼는 이 반복되는 기분을 다같이 느끼기엔 난 너무 이기적인사람이다..

: 강한척하는 사람의 두려움과 약해보이는 사람의 스스럼없어 보이는 모습의 차이.. 

credit: @Cassiopea_INA


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